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Current Projects

  • The album Zen Guitar Songs is now available on Spotify and other streaming services. Here you can find my artist page on Spotify - follow me and you will be notified of new releases!
  • My second CD will soon be released. It will feature instrumental progressive and naïve "jazz"/ improvisation music. I have already released a few new singles on Spotify and other streaming services and more will come in the very near future...
  • I have become very interested in co-writing lately. I have done much too little co-writing in my life - out of the 150- 200 tunes that I have written, only about 15- 20 are the result of co-writing. Now I have decided to try to do more co-writing. I have even written a small lesson on co-writing, you can check it out here.
  • I and a couple of other musicians have formed a working group called Krs Jazz. Krs Jazz has been arranging jazz concerts/ gigs in the Kristiinankaupunki area since 2008.
  • A third CD with my own music. The music is some kind of "pop music for adults" with vocals/ lyrics in English and it's going to be finished one day in the near future.
  • I have now for a few years been studying online at Berklee College of Music. I have already received a Specialist Certificate in Jazz Composition and Arranging and now I am studying Music Composition for Film, TV and Games...
  • I have recently started playing in Närpes Big Band. The big band format seems to be going through some kind of revival. That is really great, I love playing in a big band, it is great to have to keep up the sight-reading skills and great to be allowed to play this classic type of jazz music. I am currently working on big band arrangements of some of my own compositions...
  • I have worked with Kristiinankaupungin Teatteriyhdistys since 2009. Kristiinankaupungin Teatteriyhdistys is a theatre group in Kristiinankaupunki and I write some of the music for their plays.
  • I have created a Zen Guitar group at SoundCloud. The mission of this group is to collect Zen Guitar songs by different musicians.
  • I have music students of ages ranging from 6 to 70. I give lessons and workshops on
    • ( jazz) guitar
    • ensemble playing
    • composition/ songwriting/ arranging, notation and music theory
    • improvisation/ jazz as an art form/ a way of life
    Check out my private lesson policies. I currently teach guitar, ukulele, electric bass, piano, drums, ensemble playing, improvisation, composition/ songwriting/ arranging, notation and music theory at Musikinstitutet Legato/ Legato Music School, at Kauhajoen evankelinen opisto, at Kristinestads medborgarinstitut, at Närpes vuxeninstitut and at Lappfjärds folkhögskola.
  • I have pages on bandcamp, hitRECord, MySpace, ReverbNation, SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube. I have uploaded some of my original music there for you to enjoy...
  • I am also on facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn nowadays...
  • I also have a small business of my own - Tomson Music. The services of Tomson Music include
    • music entertainment
    • private instruction
    • ensemble training
    • sound reinforcement ( PA system)
    • sales of educational materials
    with more to come....
  • I have just read Zen Guitar by Philip Toshio Sudo and The Book of Six Strings: The Six-Fold Path of Zen Guitar by Philip Toshio Sudo & Tobias Hurwitz. I have done a lot of thinking during the last few years and now that I found Zen philosophy the pieces have finally started to fall into place...
  • I just bought a second-hand Ibanez PM100 "Pat Metheny Signature" hollowbody guitar. I have been dreaming of a serious jazz box for years, and since a Gibson ES-175 seems to be hard to come by at a reasonable price I settled for this solution...
  • I also recently added a Danelectro electric baritone guitar to my gear. I have been thinking about this for years, I just thought it was something I wanted to get into. I am now looking into using it for playing
    • bass lines, both in a duo setting and for band gigs without a bass player
    • rhythm guitar on the whole, which just takes on a completely new meaning on baritone
  • I also just bought a Tama Stagestar drum kit and Istanbul Mehmet cymbals. I am going to take some drum lessons and to start practicing drumming...
  • My jazz ( guitar) lessons. I wasn't quite aware of what I got into when I started working on them, but now it's too late to stop, anyway. Typically, most of the things that I do tend to get a little out of hand... :-)

Dreams/ Wishes

  • Finding a good and versatile drummer to work with. This person will have to be able to play as well as program drums and percussion.
  • Finding the right band to work with. The main thing is working on original music, the world does not need imitators, it needs originals!