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Lesson 162: My Own Music

Genres/ Styles

Let us divide music into the genres jazz, pop/ rock, classical music and folk music:

The Genres/ Styles in My Own Music

A funny fact is that I listen to mainly jazz and pop/ rock. The music on my first album was not particularly jazzy, though. The attitude was very jazz - there was a lot of improvisation, but the genres/ styles were more from the pop/ rock spectrum.

The music on my second album is also not going to be particularly jazzy. It is, as a matter of fact, not going to be particularly pop/ rock, either. As it turns out, it is going to feature a lot of influences from classical music and folk music. I like to think of it as "instrumental progressive and nave "jazz"/ improvisation music".

The Composition/ Song Itself Chooses Its Own Genre/ Style

When it comes to my own music, I like to let each composition/ song fall into whatever genre/ style it wants to. I hear and write the music and then the music chooses the genre/ style.

This can happen

  • while I am writing it
  • when I start playing it with other musicians

"Owl Pellets"

Maria Schneider said in an interview that she feels that a composer's original music comes out like "owl pellets". A composer/ songwriter has heard and listened to a lot of music and in the same way that you can see what an owl has eaten if you examine its pellets, you may be able to identify what a composer/ songwriter has consumed when you listen to his/ her music.

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