[Sheet Music]

My Second CD - Working Title Strange Music in Undiscovered Keys

My second CD will feature instrumental progressive and naïve "jazz"/ improvisation music. Some of the tunes that are going to be recorded are:

  • Carnival ( Let's Go Bananas)
  • Innocent Mental Mood
  • Innocent Mental Mood, Episode II
  • Multum Stultus - including Darkness Falls, Full Moon Rising, The Awakening, The Dance of the Lunatics and Weirdos, Psalm, Falling into Bits and Pieces and The Dance of the Lunatics and Weirdos ( Revisited)
  • The Q.L. Suite:
    • Q.L. the Goofy Cat ( The 1st Movement)
    • The Continuing Adventures of Q.L. the Goofy Cat ( The 2nd Movement)
    • The Return of Q.L. the Goofy Cat - Finale ( The 3rd Movement)
    • Q.L. the Goofy Cat - Revisited ( The 4th Movement)
  • Red Haired Girl
  • The Sixth Sense
  • Spring Flowers
  • Take Me to the Sea
  • TANSTAFJ ( There Ain't No Such Thing as Free Jazz)
  • Tone-Deaf Blues ( aka Pets)
A few of the following tunes may also make it to the CD:
The Beauty Inside, Brownies Gnomes & Leprechauns, Elevator Music, Fall Break, Heal Rise, Interlude, Natten och vägen, A Place for Writing Music, Rain Dance, Scary Tune, Searching for the Box, Slow Life, Toffle, Too Much Calzone, Zwölf Uhr

I have already released a few digital singles on CD Baby, iTunes and on Spotify and most other streaming services.

Music: Tomas Karlsson, Stefan "Kilju" Lindblom, Kenneth Nordman and Stäni Steinbock
Produced by Tomas Karlsson
Co-produced and engineered by Kenneth Nordman
Mixed and mastered by Kenneth Nordman
Musicians: Tomas Karlsson, Tom Forsman, Mats Granfors, Kenneth Nordman and Stefan Brokvist
Recorded in Kristiinankaupunki Summer- Fall 2017
Cover art by Sanna Ek.

My CD Zen Guitar Songs

My CD Zen Guitar Songs was released Sep 5 2015. The songs on the CD are:

  1. Blue Tango
  2. Summer Pursuits
  3. Our Man in Sweden
  4. Lighthouse
  5. Sensei & Unsui
  6. One Man One Song Part II
  7. Gung Ho
  8. Tilda
  9. Wood Anemone
  10. Gimme a Break
  11. The Missing Link
  12. Without Words

You can buy the CD directly from me or from CD Baby or iTunes or listen to it on Spotify and most other streaming services.

Music: Tomas Karlsson, Tom Forsman and Kenneth Nordman
Produced by Tomas Karlsson
Co-produced and engineered by Kenneth Nordman and Stefan "Kilju" Lindblom
Mixed and mastered by Kenneth Nordman
Musicians: Tomas Karlsson, Tom Forsman, Kenneth Nordman, Stefan "Kilju" Lindblom, Stefan Brokvist, Oskar Nilsson and Tobias Hurwitz
Recorded in Kristiinankaupunki and Vaasa Summer 2012- Spring 2015
Cover art by Tomi Lepistö.

More information on Zen Guitar Songs can be found here.

My Pop CD: Sideways ( or The Floor or Greatest Hits or Hextable...)

My CD with some kind of "pop music for adults" with vocals/ lyrics in English will be finished one day in the near future. The first songs for this CD were written in 1990, so soon I have been working on this one for 30 years...

It will contain the following songs:
Alternative Lifestyle, The Beauty Inside, The Carousel of Love, A Different World, Full Circle, Is This Love?, It's Calling You, Little Marius, Lunatics & Weirdos, Music, Parallel Universe, Pick Me Up!, See Me

Lyrics & music: Tomas Karlsson
Arrangements/ production: Tomas Karlsson, Kalle Teir

Lead vocalists: Petra Sundvik, Kalle Teir, Kjell Granfors, Casper Sahlström
Musicians: Janne Hyöty, guitars; Tom Forsman, guitars; Stefan "Kilju" Lindblom, basses; Kenneth Nordman, bass; Mats Granfors, accordion, piano; Patrick Lax, drums and percussion; Oskar Nilsson, drums; Jani Sund, drums; Tomas Karlsson, guitars, keyboards; Kalle Teir, guitars, keyboards, drums, percussion

Production: Tomas Karlsson, Kalle Teir
Recording: Martin Kantola, Kalle Teir, Tomas Karlsson
Mixing: Kalle Teir, Tomas Karlsson

I'd like to thank the following:
First and foremost: Kalle Teir, "The Man with the Golden Ears", for, well, everything. What can I say, no words could possibly express what I feel...
The vocalists and the musicians, for their inspired performances.
Birgitta Gyllenberg, for valuable advice regarding the lyrics.
Svenska kulturfonden i Björneborg, for financial support.
Anders Östling, for the guitar lessons/ jam sessions and for helping me regain my belief in myself as a musician...
Kenneth Nordman, "Our Man in Sweden", for valuable advice and comments and for good ( almost 25-year-) old friendship.
Bob Russell, for the great philosophical discussions...
My mother, Else-Maj Karlsson, for always being there. You are always there for everyone: your own children, grandchildren, cats and dogs...
My cats Dragomir, Q.L. & Ross.
My ex-wife Minna-Maria Mäenpää, for your love, understanding and support and for your interest in me and my music.
Iikka, Veera and Kalle Mäenpää, for bringing so much real life into my life...
My ex-wife Anne Mari Karlsson, for the love and support and for helping me through some of the hardest times of my life.

I'd like to dedicate this CD to my father, Guy Karlsson, who passed away in 1991. Thanks above all for not believing much in me as a musician, thus making me have to do this. :-) If only you could have seen me now! Thanks also for what I remember the most about you, your big heart and your deep love and respect for all creatures living, animals and humans alike. You have really made a world of difference and your spirit will always live on in my heart...